Watercolor Product Testing

A variety of watercolors to test...and see.
 Do you ever buy art supplies and then just flat never get around to using them? That would be me! I decided it was time to systematically test the various watercolors that I've purchased and compare the differences between (a) types of products like dry vs. tube; (b) brands; and (c) styles of watercolor(ing) like Chinese Mahjong tiles and glitter watercolors. This is the perfect use for an artist journal. Break out a fresh page or two and test out each product type and color. I made some important
Mahjong tiles give a very soft effect.
 discoveries (for me): the cheap watercolors that I hadn't bothered to use are actually now my favorites; the Mahjong tiles which I purchased because I love the distinct colors actually have a totally different flow; and the watercolors in tubes have the potential for super vibrant colors equivalent to poster paints. The watercolors which had been my favorites have now slipped to the back burner.
This cheap set is my NEW favorite.

The vibrancy of these tube watercolors is incredible.