The Shape(s) of Memories

My guide print photo of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.
Cutting out a symbol or shape over-and-over again is a simple way to do a collage that evokes memories of a particular person, place, or event. During the cutting and the gluing the thoughtful reflection of the experience reaffirms that memory, which then comes alive each time you flip through your journal and see the colors and shapes of the collage.
After a recent trip to a tulip festival while visiting my son & his wife in Oregon, I used a wide assortment of colors & textures in the shape of a tulip to capture the stunning colors and the beautiful memories.

Green paper w/ green acrylic added.
Basic tulip shape added over & over. Stems are also from cut paper.

This project is a wonderful excuse to use multiple pretty art papers.

The completed collage: a pretty reminder of a precious memory to a tulip festival with my son & his wife.