Circle of Focus Mixed Media Portrait Collage

Art magazines and books are great ways to get creative input for artsy theology. I liked the concept in the article shown here to include a picture of a face torn from a magazine and make in "you" by painting over/collaging into the art. I added theological reflection to the mix by integrating symbols & shapes. The large circle symbolizes focus on what God is doing in my world which is why I named this art reflection "Circle of Focus: Mixed Media Portrait Collage." During the reflection ask yourself: Who am I? Where am I on my journey? What is God calling me to notice/do?
Flowers symbolize beauty and new growth and are a reminder that God is wats doing something new.
The double squares represent a project I'm working on and justice (justicia) is the theme. I added the heart (of God) and added text strips to tell my story.
I didn't like the thin circle so I used watercolor gel crayon to add a bold line to emphasize the "Circle of Focus."