Life is a Journey Index of Ideas

 The finale touch for any art journal is an index whereby you put a page number and title of each journal entry. Sometimes I allow more space than others; here I had already done encaustics on the inside-back page of my journal so it was impractical to do a double-page index to summarize the art journal. Instead, I crammed all the details on the left/single page. This simple index is marker pens on white gesso. Under each heading, I included the types of media used for the journal entry. This helps me to skim through the list to find entries which use whatever media I'm searching. Also, often I cannot remember what I named a journal page, but I can/do remember the various materials used to create the page. The grand finale is to find some place to note the completion date of the journal. Sometimes I include this in the index, and other times I note it on the inside front cover underneath the date where I began the journal.
Encaustic with rice paper embedded and topped with more encaustics.