Spiritual Compass Reflection Process

There's nothing vacation time away from home to make yourself slow down and take time to do some of the simple things that there never seems to be time for while home and living on the super fast run. I had wanted to do this spiritual practices exercise which is adapted from Journaling as a Spiritual Journey by Helen Cepero  I had the "how to" questions for reflection printed and sitting beside my art table at home since I attended a spiritual practices workshop fifteen months ago.
 When I was packing my travel art kit to go on vacation I saw the it sitting beside my easel and packed it in my art journal. It was a quiet, thoughtful exercise that took less than 30 minutes to complete. My responses to the questions helped give me a sense of where I've been and direction for where I (might be) headed next. Questions for reflection include the following four sections of a "spiritual compass."

Look to the South— the direction of sunny exposure; creativity, imagination, spontaneity, and play
Where do I feel my creativity is being called forth?
What do I really long to do or be?
How do I nurture myself? Who are friends who nurture my spirit?
What are the hobbies I’m passionate about?
Look to the East— the direction of dawn; the rising sun and new beginnings
What light is just beginning to appear on my horizon?
What am I being asked to take hold of in a new way?
Where am I being called to embrace something?
What areas in my life need redirection? What are (small) first steps I can take?
Look to the West— the direction of the setting sun; where endings and letting go occurs
What is no longer working for my life?
What (or who) needs to be released and let go?
What beliefs or attitudes or patterns do I need to die to?
Where is deep healing needed?
What areas in my life need change or transformation? What are (small) first steps?
Look to the North— the north star and the guiding light & stabilizing force of your spiritual compass
Who is it that deeply loves me and guides me?
What are the images or pictures of God that nurture and sustain me?
What story of grace or salvation in the Bible animates me/is central to my life?
Who are my spiritual guides and deepest friends?
Say a prayer of gratitude for those who give hope and meaning to your life.

Look to the Center— what might it mean to put a “yes” and commit to all areas of the compass?