Artsy Theology Workshop Feedback

After a day-long workshop on integrating theological reflection with mixed media art, the participants listed the following as key ways they will incorporate the material in their ministries:

·         Have youth paint scripture (being read) ahead of time—bring it in during the reading of the Word during worship

·         Journal to remember quotes

·         Write down weekly reflections—Hospice chaplain sharing weekly moments to staff

·         Stacked journaling as relaxing for therapy; also excellent for a “dump sheet” for individuals & staff

·         Mental illness—artsy theology to help the mentally ill process their thoughts

·         Hand map—use it for blessings of one’s gift/call

·         Add “artsy theology” to an existing arts & crafts group for fun & fellowship

·         Labyrinth (image transfer w/the smelly stuff—it was a HUGE HIT)—personal devotion and prayer

·         Art journaling as brainstorming for sermon prep

·         Communion workshop—use the block prints or the collage as part of the workshop

·         Global mission—make prayer flags for next year’s mission trip to Panama

·         Clergy retreats—assist with “processing” life

·         Staff journaling

·         Writing your life story—add elements of art

·         Incorporate artsy theology in existing church groups (“Celebrate You”0

·         Create a “gratitude” collage

·         Incorporate the art technique of “Subtracting text” with praying the newspaper
Have the children’s choir prepare a large board and let them decorate it ahead with art/reflection—bring out during singing/children’s choir performance