Clearing Clutter and Organizing the Workspace

My newly organized art space; a wall that was once filled with philosophy and theology books.
Label all the containers to indicate contents. Organize them so what you use most is located nearest to your work space.
My Happy New Year's resolution was to clear away the clutter in my art workspace and actually create room to do art. My art shares space with my academic library and my pastor study, so a three-in-one. Step one: I had to actually find the space so that I could organize my art supplies. I carefully went through my book shelves and edited out books I had not been using and packed them up to donate to a new seminary. I boxed up seven cartons of books and freed four long shelves. Step two: go to an inexpensive "dollar" store and buy an assortment of clear plastic storage containers. Step three: sort the art supplies into tubs and carefully mark each to indicate the contents. Follow the same procedure for tools and back-up supplies.
A partial "before" picture-I had cleared the books but I had not consolidated the remaining books to allow for art supplies.