Travel Kit: Taking Art On The Road

This collection of art supplies comprises the basics of my travel art kit. Everything fits in a small tote bag for a car ride and it also easily fits under the airplane seat in front of me. Of course, for plane trips the sharp items (scissors and exacto knife) must be go in checked luggage. Also, I've had crayons and oil pastels confiscated at the screening location as potentially being explosives, so I put those in my checked luggage along with mini containers of acrylics. Oil pastelts are too expensive to replace, and I don't want to go through the production of getting my checked luggage pulled back in so I can drop in a few crayons or acrylic paints. Once I'm through the x-ray checkpoint I fill my travel water jar and travel spritzer. Before every trip I also take time to do a few interesting backgrounds so they are ready for doodling en route. I also bring pieces of waxed paper cut to fit the pages of the journal to be used as  page protectors when I am painting or using gesso.