Theological Words

Word Box: A cigar box makes an excellent container for custom stamps carved from wine corks and erasers.
Write a word on a piece of paper the width of the stamp or cork. Turn the paper over so it is backlit and write the letters "backwards" on the stampe from right to left. Use a sharp blade on an exacto knife to carefully cut out the letters. Test the stamp on a junk piece of paper before you press it onto your art page. I have a couple of pages in my travel art journal where I stamp the words so I have a record at-a-glance of the words I have already made. I also jot down new words and keep a list of words yet to carve. I can fit five block letters on a wine cork and nine letters on an eraser.
I use the name the logo/name imprinted on the wine cork as a straight line guide. Once I've written the letters I take the exacto knife and carve off the bottom and top lines of the logo and then work right to left on the individual letters. You can use ink pads or acrylic paint.