Doodle Edge Reflection

A simple doodle edge can become a theological reflection when combined with the "exposed word" altered book technique where the background/words are entirely painted over with white (or black) gesso and the exposed words left "exposed" as the centerpiece for reflection. I identified these words and left them "exposed" as a reflection shortly after completing my PhD dissertation in which I argued the significance of mission for the Church. The 280 page dissertation could be boiled down to one sentence: "If the Church isn't doing mission, the Church isn't being the Church." This simple journal page reflects the significance, for me, of the Cross with the necessity of mission for the Church and the Church for mission.
Identify the words you want to leave exposed and paint the rest with gesso then one or two layers of watercolor or acrylic glaze, being careful to leave the words and phrases exposed. Then draw a "doodle edge" with a colored pencil-press it on the edge of the page and make your doodle design around the exterior of the pages without lifting your pencil. You can go back and add a 2nd or 3rd color. I drew around the exposed words with a purple Prismacolor Brush Tip Marker to add emphasis. I might leave these pages alone or they might become the background for further reflection in the future.