Prayers for Life, Marriage and Kids

Prayers for the life, marriage and children of a couple whose marriage hit a point of crisis: looking for a better way, you can do it, and (hidden under the broken heart) FEAR NOT!

 I had no specific plans when I set out to spend an evening making messes with my art supplies. I simply wanted to experiment with techniques, materials, and colors. I layered bright colors of acrylic onto black gesso using various Catalyst series rubber paint applicators. I force dried each layer with a hair dryer. During the painting process I had been reflecting on my prayers for newlyweds who were at a point of crisis in their marriage. Unintentionally, the art became a prayer for their marriage. The vertical black letter on the left was made with a stencil and black marker and represents the "alphabet" of possibilities. "LIFE, MARRIAGE, KIDS" are my specific prayers for this marriage and I stenciled the letters with white gesso.
 I have a small box which has random cut-out words and phrases. I dug through this box and selected phrases to add to my prayer. I added a photograph of the couple which I cut in the shape of a heart and then sliced the heart apart to represent the brokenness of their marriage. The heart stamp (made from a wine cork) dipped in acrylic paint sealed the prayer with love.