Drum Circle

 Mixed media illustration of my experience participating for the first time in a drum circle with 12 female pastors who were taking a workshop "Women, Voice, and Preaching" at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. The session was about finding one's voice and included reflecting on how voice might be silenced. It was loud, creative, fun, empowering, and healing as we pounded on the drums and shared our experiences in women, voice, and preaching. I whited out two pages with "healing" left as the exposed word. I traced around the bottom of an acrylic glaze bottle to position the circles that represent the twelve women plus the three mini circles for the percussion drums (top left). Then layers of transparent watercolors in brown and gold tones in a circular motion. I used opaque watercolors to outline the circles for the drums and then glued 12 different types of art papers to represent the unique voices of each woman and each drum.