Abstract Art Reflection on Advent

 In preparation for Christmas, I've begun fiddling with ideas in my art journal which could be used for art with kids, teens, and adults during the season of Advent. I gave myself a challenge to "paint Advent" without using words...at least to primarily paint and not use words! I began with exposed words "Our entire existence is swollen with God's unconditional love" as the basis for the artistic interpretation and added a layer of "Peace on earth" with rubber stamping across the pages which had been covered with white gesso. The traditional color of Advent is purple (though blue is coming into vogue), so I used various shades of purple to create an abstract expression of the four weeks of preparation for the birth of the Christ child. I've been looking at the "completed" pages for a week now; I keep resisting topping it off with a series of words. For now it is complete; time may change that!