June: Sew In Love

 The catalyst for this art page was dragging my sewing machine out of storage so I could sew two simple seams for a summer VBS project. As long as the sewing machine was finally set up & threaded, I figured I might as well see what happens when you sew fabric to a journal page. This altered book journal was originally about the twelve month cycle of a particular garden. I left "June" as the single exposed word when I went through and randomly painted various pages with white or black gesso. Because I always think of June as "our month" since is our wedding anniversary I figured the artwork would ultimately have something to do with love and marriage. I kept flipping past these two blank pages until one day I had a super short time to experiment with sewing in a journal, and these blank black gesso pages jumped out. I spritzed fabric paint on the right side, and I sewed fabric on the left page with strips sitting in a pile I uncovered that I had cut for quilting 9+ years ago. Then I layered cut pieces of fancy handmade paper cut in the shape of a heart and topped it with H + M cut out of thin silk ribbon.

The back side of the page shows the purple thread (I thought it was black when I put the bobbin in the sewing machine) and the pattern of the stitching on the "front" side of the page. As you can see I used straight edge and zig-zag stitch and inadvertently created interested texture to begin another journal page.