Group Dump Sheet Reflection & Communion Trumps All

I've shared the process and reflection for doing a "dump sheet self portrait" to help deal with life's hurts, habits, and hang-ups. This group version takes the same concept but applies it to relationships in a group dynamic. Choose a relationship and/or particular event with various key players involved. The people and setting will be the point of reflection...thinking on thinking of the people, place, relationship, and/or event. Next choose colors to represent each person. There are no rules; simply choose whatever color(s) you associate with each person in your designated group and size the pieces so that all will fit on your journal page. Then quickly write with a lead or colored pencil and "dump" out your feelings for each participate. Draw a head and shoulders for each person and cut out along the outer lines; glue in your journal. Add facial features and hair as desired. The point isn't to make these faces look like the people they represent; rather to by symbolic of each person. Feel free to be totally radical with the colors you select for the paper and the hair and facial features. Decorate the journal page before you adhere your group portraits. Title the theme of your reflection base on what is at the heart of what you are thinking about.
In my example "law vs. relationship" was the root issue.  So this became the "background title" which ultimately was nearly completely covered with the rest of the collaged elements. I toned down the stamped background with diluted white gesso. While I was doing the dump sheet writing on each person in the group I realized that what was at the heart of my role was (and is) communion in the fullest sense of the word. Communion through relationship and through the sacrament and significance of the Lord's Supper. I embellished this significance with stamped images from a block print.

I chose translucent papers as I wanted the background to to bleed into the people 

I used a custom stamp "communion" to provide a simple title with another block print on top of the collage for emphasis.