Organizing Supplies for Mixed Media Art on the Road

I recently returned from a mission trip to Mexico where one of the projects was to teach mixed media art to Christian educators. My congregation donated a variety of art supplies, and the team organized them in the hotel room prior to the teaching sessions. I'm not generally a neatsy-tidy person but when it comes to art supplies, they are nearly as user-friendly if they are not sorted and labeled for easy access. After we taught the workshops we had the participants find the correct tubs and sort/put away the various art supplies. The sorting lesson was probably as important as the art itself.
To label the tubs, we simply used washi tape (what we had available) to tape 3x5 index cards to the containers. If you mark directly on the tubs/lids then that tub is "committed" to the particular media and it looks messy when you shift supplies around as your art interests change.
I created a scaled down version of this for the travel art supplies I use when teaching art locally as part of the ministry of my church. It makes it a lot easier to have the "travel" materials designated; packed; always ready. That way you don't have to pack/unpack; pack/unpack every time you take the mixed media art show on the road.
Travel art for mixed media (locally) on the road.