Poised to Obey: Just Do It!

One of the cool things about art journaling is flipping back-and-forth through the pages during the year (time frame) that you're working in the journal and gradually gaining new insights on previous journal entries. One of the epiphanies in all this is realizing that time/change moves slowly. A journal will have a consistent theme for several months, an entire year, or even longer as one slowly reflects on the space and place and circumstances. It isn't like you write about something this week and next week that same thing is entirely "fixed" or "transformed" (or whatever). The reality is that the reflection and insight occur on any give topic over an extended period of time. That is LIFE. What is super cool is that in the flipping back-and-forth over completed or partially completed journal pages is that continued insights one gains...by looking at; reading, reflecting upon early entries. Every now and then there is an epiphany...an whooper A-HA! What's really interesting then is to look back at the layers of thought and reflection that went into the journal entry. It helps one realize the (thoughtful) process that goes into the (slow) process of change. The journal entry here began in the spring, and I gradually added bits and pieces to it through the year. Now, as the year is nearly over, my whopper epiphany is simply JUST DO IT! For all the agonizing, wondering, lamenting, questioning...of which there has been much, the reality is that I need to take action and simply DO IT. I suspect that there is something in everyone's life that one is procrastinating on; knowing what needs to be done, but unwilling (or seemingly unable) to just do it. Journaling opens the path to action: JUST DO IT!
The page began with collage elements topped with an experimental layer of thick acrylic media

After the media was applied these words were prominent POISED TO OBEY.

The completed journal page was done over 8-9 months with layers gradually added. The epiphany: JUST DO IT!