Experimenting with 99% Alcohol and Pastels

I've been wanting to experiment with 99% isopropyl alcohol as a medium to "set" pastels to reduce or eliminate the need to use sprays. I'd special ordered the alcohol from a local pharmacy but had never gotten around to giving the technique a try. When my artist friend Tanya arrived for our Saturday art play day it was the perfect opportunity. She'd brought a box of pastels and I introduced the alcohol concept which she embraced as willing to experiment. 
I about had a heart attack when Tanya opted to begin the experiment in the center of her art! She poured alcohol in the lid of the bottle, dipped a cotton swab in the alcohol and gently applied. 
Once the cotton swab became too tedious she switched to a foam brush.
I'm the spirit of experimentation she lets excess alcohol from the "dirty" foam brush drip onto one strip of art which I had used to clean my rollers (I was mono printing with latex house paint). The alcohol puddled up on the latex paint. Once dry the pastels were adequately embedded on the surface and the splattered look "set" without further need for spray.
Mission success! A new way to "set" pastels. Beautifully.