Trialling Times and the Art as a Ministry of Presence

The hand symbolizes the mother's desire to be with her older son in the courtroom during the trial for her younger son's death.

Art is a wonderful ministry of presence during tedious sessions of much waiting, such as a hospital waiting room or (this week for me) while sitting in the victims waiting room during the murder trial for a child. Given the choice of hearing the grim details in the courtroom or hanging with the parents (on the witness list so on terminal standby & no talk/news about the trial allowed) I opted for the latter. I'm much happier doing a ministry of presence.
I experimented with the Jane Girls Petite Series 4-stencil set; I love the simplicity of the outline of the face.

After a week of waiting with them I finally remembered to put some art supplies in my bag. We opted to do art for art's sake. No agenda. I hadn't brought much: card stock, watercolors & brushes, colored pens & pencils plus a few new mini stencils I'd bought recently. We doodled & diddled. No agenda. 
Cramped quarters and limited supplies, but a great way to pass time during a long day of waiting.
I'm not sure where my art journal entry will "go" as it evolves, but I like the powerful symbolism of the cross and the face.