Adding (Art) Bits & Pieces

There's no excuse for "no time for art." It's clearly reasonable to not have sufficient time to work up a full art reflection, but there's always time for a wee bit of art. Pick up your journal and add a simple art layer...anything that suits the momentary muse!
Here I added cut paper ephemera to a previously "done" journal page. 
Another stencil layer is always a quick addition to a journal page in progress. 
The stamped background from another "no time for art" evening beckened for another layer. I'd just read the appalling background info on the tedious and (probably) unjust procedures for asylum seekers when I scooted to my art room. Instead of hopeful faces of the immigrants seeking asylum with whom I am a volunteer chaplain, I was struck by (literally) bars (to freedom).

 My quickie evening art session included laying down a tinted layer of gesso and running a Catalyst texture tool through the wet gesso/paint to express the prison feeling of these immigrant women seeking asylum.