My Love Story (Immigrant Art Reflection)

Nosotros amamos a Dios porque él nos amó primero.

1 Juan 4:19
During a recent art session with immigrant women seeking asylum, they created a mixed media art piece of their love story. The guided meditation included four steps to guide the reflection and the art process.
First: Use a pen or pencil and write your love story. How do you feel or experience the love of God in your life? Who are the people in your life who have shown you love? Grandparents? Parents? Brothers and sisters? Children? Grandchildren? Aunts and uncles? Priest or minister? Teacher? Friend? What have you learned about love from these special people. How has their love given you encouragement, blessing, joy, or hope?

 Second: Choose 1-2 favorite colors of acrylic paint and 2-3 different stencils—symbols (shapes) of your love story. Use a blue plastic square to scrape paint over the background (cover the words) and then quickly place a stencil on top of the paint before it dries and use a baby wipe to rub off the paint in the stencil/hole ( “reverse stencil art technique”). Repeat with a second color of paint and a different stencil. Clean stencils with baby wipes.
Third: Use an oil pastel (like a crayon) to fill the page with hearts, start with a small heart and then make bigger and bigger hearts until the page is full and you have covered the stencils. Use a pen or pencil and write inside and around the heart shapes. You could write a prayer or a love letter to a special person in your life.
Four: Add stamped images, cut shapes, and pretty tape. Outline shapes with puffy paint. Write your name and date.