Background Prep for Journaling

Bronze watercolor applied to a dry page and then spritzed with a water bottle and the page up-ended to allow the spritzed paint to run free.
It is fun to experiment with different types of art techniques which can become the “background” for journaling and layered art in the coming days, weeks, and months. Spending time experimenting with several different techniques at one time also is a great way to prepare “blank” pages in advance for a travel journal. You can play with technique, combination of colors, and/or different mediums—either “just watercolor” or “just acrylics” or mixing and matching different mediums that become the background for future journaling.  It is very freeing to not have an agenda for the look of a particular page other than to try new ways of mixing color, texture, and materials.
Spritz with water and then add wet layers of light grey, dark blue, then silver. Use a wadded up piece of white tissue paper to soak up the excess moisture--adding texture to the page.