Theological Reflection for Kids

Children of all ages can use simple art techniques to express theological themes from a Bible lesson. Begin the process by helping the children to break down the story to simple words that reflect what the message means to them. For example, during summer VBS talked about the story of the humble servant girl and the proud general in 1 Kings 5:1-14. The servant girl had to forgive her captor in order to share news about the great prophet who could heal him. Meanwhile, the captor had to humble himself to follow the simple words of the prophet in order to be healed. After the children identified the essence of the story, the next step was to illustrate the theological themes through art.
The older children used words, but the little ones illustrated their journal pages with a drawing the represented the proud general (sword) or the little servant girl(heart). The art technique is "wax relief" which is simply putting "wax" on the page first (crayon or oil pastels) and then covering the paper with one or more layers of watercolor.