Composite Photos Create Journal Backdrop

Computer software programs such as Photoshop and Corel Draw allow you to "stitch" together multiple photographs so they become one seamless image. I thought it would be fun to create a similar composite image without the hassle of computer technology! Printed three images from one scene which I took on a recent trip to Todos Santos, Mexico of a street-side taco shop: old man waiting for his tacos; the owner cooking; and the dining area. I printed the images on a B&W laser printer, trimmed each photo on a RotaTrim paper cutter, positioned them together on one journal page and glued them in place with matt medium. I filled the blank spaces above the photos with text from a free tourist magazine distributed in Todos Santos. The page sat in my journal until inspiration hit at some future time.
I added composite items from my day of floating around Todos Santos taking photographs in the beautiful bright overcast light. Ultimately the message that came through the journaling was the importance of intentional Sabbath rest, so that became the title/theme for the reflection.