Mixed Media Stacked Journaling Dump Sheet

Ever have a bad day? Get talked into doing something you really, really, really, REALLY wish you had never agreed to do? I created a mixed media stacked journaling "dump sheet" to do some creative venting and to emblaze upon my heart, mind, and soul that the answer next time is NO THANK YOU. I didn't

Step 1: choose a journal page and dump how you feel.

Step 2: add more layers of dumping; here stencil with crayon.
I was in a dark mood so I chose pages with black gesso and the exposed words "be loving and gracious when we'd rather not" because these words reflected why I thought I agreed in the first place. After the layers of mixed media stacked journaling which included crayon and water color, acrylic and printed portions the project I was lamenting doing, and Pilot markers with the insights gained about myself during the process of reflection, I added a border edge of lessons learned and glued on the take home message that I want to remember: "This will change you forever." In other words: What began as unhappy venting ends on the upbeat message of the lesson learned from the experience.
Step 3: add layers of words on top of words, gradually including "lessons learned."