Reflection Before Evaluation

Mixed media reflection before preparing a formal written evaluation.

A mixed media art reflection helped to "process" the my experience in supervising a 10-week ministry intern before writing the formal written evaluation. I chose a previously prepared background which had exposed words which complemented the unique aspects of the ministry intern. I like the words but the bright green around the words was too bright and bold as the primary background, so I toned it down by painting over with white gesso and then blue acrylic in the shape of my backyard swimming pool-which had been the setting for much of the ministry intern's summer activities. The green "grass" around the pool complemented the outdoor theme. I added mixed media elements that covered the wide range of ministry activities which the intern had participated in over the summer which helped me realize (and remember) what a tremendous help the intern had been in diverse summer ministry activities for kids, teens, and adults.
It is easier to write the official evaluation after having first created a mixed media visual reflection.
The theme behind the reflection.
Experimental background was too bright for this reflection.
Blobs of acrylic pain in greens and yellows spread with rubber scrapers.
The first layers: kids in pool; washi tape art project; pulpit & Communion table (top R)