Block Prints in Liturgical Shapes

It's easy to make your own block printing design blocks. I created a collection of copyright free Christian symbols; sized them to 3-1/2 inches; used each as a pattern to cut out the shape from thin sheets of craft foam available at Hobby Lobby & Michael's. Clue the shapes on blocks (my husband cut a cedar 4x4 into 4" cubes). Paint with the desired color of acrylic and block print to your heart's content. In this example, I chose symbols that connect with the theme of the journal page ["Community of Dreams"]; the dove represents the Holy Spirit; Trinity (right side); PAX (Peace of Jesus); and crosses. I created a simple "site map" of the Community Fellowship "campus" as of October 2013. The simple line art shows the layout of the buildings of this new church development. The postcard makes the connection to my experience of church as a child to the DNA of the church I was called to "plant" in South Texas.