Colorful Notes

 An art journal is a great place to experiment with different art techniques which then provides a colorful background for note-taking. Here I experimented with masking tape to mask out a simple symbol and then used several layers of liquid acrylic glaze over the white gesso background. Once dry, carefully remove the masking tape. This sat in my journal for several weeks "waiting" for the right moment/situation for reflection. While attending a workshop on renewal for small churches I was struck by how
 much of what is "normative" at Community Fellowship is something unknown-and yet desired-for other congregations. Whereas there is a tendency to "dump" when things are not great and to disregard joys, I decided to "Rejoice in the Lords always" and name what is good, and true, and uplifting for worship at Community Fellowship. I used Neocolor II water-soluble wax pastels to take the simple notes which are related to the workshop. Later I slowly went over each word with a slightly damp watercolor
 brush. It was interesting to go over each written word for the tedious action allowed time to reflect-again-on the strengths of Community and also the process for "mini-renewal" which was delineated during the workshop. It is the interaction of art-reflection; reflection-art which allows [me] the time and space to listen for the presence of God.
Notice the torn pieces (lower L & R) caused by the pages sticking together.

The pages stuck together, and I easily "repaired" the damage with layers of the same color acrylic glaze.