Excuse to Experiment

 An art journal is an excellent excuse to experiment with new techniques and materials. I bought several colors of Inka Gold Metallic Rub because they just simply looked like fun! The size of the jar and the application process reminds me of shoe polish. I wrapped my finger in a paper napkin, dipped it in the waxy-vibrant-metallic material and experimented by drawing different flowers on pages coated with black gesso.
 I was killing time as a passenger on a long card ride and had no plan for the journal page other than to experiment with the new product I'd purchased in So. Cal. I added the detail of the leaves & stems with colored pencil...as car doodling. Then the page sat in my journal for awhile until I was at a meeting and reminded to "stop and smell the roses" and name/count the joy. I filled in the petals with names of people and churches who have been supportive of my new church development during the journey. Instead of racing on to the next thing-as I often do-the journal pages helped me to give thanks and to celebrate.