Altered Book Basic Prep

I save the inside/opening pages of an art journal to "summarize" what follows. For this newly completed art journal I created a collection of completed pages overlayed on top of basic "how-to" tips for beginners.The opening page becomes a hint of what follows as well as a reminder (to the artist) of insights gained.
Background is a collage of blues glued with acrylic medium.

1.       Choose a hardback book with thick/sturdy pages; the content might relate to the theme of your journal and you then integrate the words/pictures with your work OR it might have nothing to do with the journal and the pages and cover are entirely covered so there is no sense of the original text/book.
2.       Cover the journal cover—first or last; your choice. Cover the inside front and back covers to hide the material used to cover the exterior.
3.       Tear out pages—leave 15-20 pages throughout the entire book.
4.       Generic background preparation—experiment with techniques and use various media and colors to partially cover half to two-thirds of the pages; leave the rest to do later as you learn new ideas.
a.       Black gesso—leaving a few key words/phrases exposed
b.      White gesso— leaving a few key words/phrases exposed
c.       Watercolors and/or covering a page with large background stamps
d.      Acrylics
e.      Pastels
f.        Pencils
g.       Translucent papers/napkins
5.       Choose a theological theme/reflection
6.       Integrate with a specific art technique
a.       Image transfer prayer labyrinth on a page that has been covered with watercolors—use as prayers of the people past/present/future
b.      Soap on black gesso with colored pencils—Bible verse/story; listening to God
c.       Subtract text
d.      Doodle edge
e.      Rubber stamping combined with watercolors and theological words
f.        Stacked journaling (wax resist)—heart wounds or sermon/teaching prep

g.       Collage—pretty papers; magazine clippings/words; stamped words; stacked journaling

 I added mini pictures of previously completed altered book pages and then selectively hand colored some of the images with colored pencils.
The completed page.
An oceanside view for artsy theology: Los Cabos, Mexico.