Shaving Cream and Food Coloring

Shaving cream & food coloring "transfer" image.
Squirt shaving cream on smooth surface.
 An energetic teenager was aching to show me the "super cool" art technique she had learned in high school art class, so she brought the supplies: shaving cream and food coloring. I supplied the watercolor paper. The process really is amazing. It is a bit messy, but amazing nonetheless. Squirt shaving cream on a smooth surface-something non-porous that can be easily cleaned up. The paper we used is coated on the "wrong side" with plastic; we placed it plastic side up on the table. Smooth it to the size of your page and then squirt with a few drops of food coloring in desired colors. Take the "wrong end" of a skinny paintbrush and doodle in the food coloring & shaving cream. Place watercolor paper (or journal page) face down on the shaving cream & gently rub. Lift a few moments later and scrape off excess shaving cream. Blot dry with a paper towel. The transfer is instant...and vibrant.

Doodle in the shaving cream and food coloring.

The finished food coloring doodle.

Lay the paper face down on the shaving cream & food coloring; press gently.

Lift carefully after a few moments and scrape off excess shaving cream. Dab dry with paper towel.

The image transfers almost immediately with the same vibrancy as the food coloring.

The same shaving cream & food coloring can be "re-smushed" for a softer 2nd press with fresh paper.