Mixed Media Background Quickie

When you don't have time to "do" art, it is always fun to slap some paint onto a background so it is ready for when do have time to do art. This mixed media quickie is in an altered book journal. The pages had already been prepped with white gesso and one layer of blue acrylic glaze which had been applied with the stippling technique and a #14 round mop brush. To this I made a "picture frame" with blue and yellow Neocolor II water soluble wax pastels. Then use a 3/4" flat brush dipped in clear water to smush the lines. Pick up a little color from the wax pastels and spread it across the page as desired. Next I used a screen to create the diamond grid pattern. This screen is generally used in a tub of house paint to run a roller brush back and forth and drain the excess paint before applying to an interior (house) wall. I used two shades of yellow and one shade of blue watercolor; pressing down hard on the screen to hold it still while I quickly ran the brush up and down across the screen. The entire project took 15 minutes. Voila! A mixed-media background for future use and a brief expression of creativity amid a hectic day. (An art version of a brief midday break for yoga.)