Anticipation: 8 Days 7 Nights

Mixed media collage
Collage pieces cut from samples for house paint.
Quickly writing the JOYS and ANTICIPATIONS.
 We are about a month away from celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. It is a month of anticipation of much joy and celebration! I created this art journal entry in anticipation of our eight days and seven nights R&R to Los Cabos, Mexico. The mixed media collage is an interpretation of a photograph we took from the roof of our favorite low key place to stay in Cabo San Lucas. The rooftop view provides a majestic perspective of the tourist waterfront district below. The picture brings back memories of romance and rest and blessedness.
Block printed stamped image of wine glasses. 

Exposed words set the tone for the reflection.

Symbols & shapes: heart and two wine glasses.

The rooftop snapshot is from our last trip to our favorite date R&R in Los Cabos, Mexico.