Simply Exhilarating!

I often choose a book to recycle for a new "altered book" art journal based on the theme of the book more or less matching the mood I'm in for the topic(s) I expect to do artsy theology on. This is an exception that proved to be simply exhilarating! I made scrapbook type journals of our son's life birth through age 30 as a gift to him. I expected it to be two volumes and when it went to the 3rd I scrambled to find an appropriate book to recycle to complete the project. My Hebrew textbook from seminary was the exact size as the encyclopedias of the 1st two volumes so it became volume three. It turned out to be a fabulous feeling to paint black gesso to cover page after page...of the most painful course I took during all my academic studies. My professor might find it sacrilegious...but for me it was very freeing. So, find a book you DON'T like and recycle with JOY!