Roots and Wings

When our son was born in 1981 my sister gave me a small framed cross-stitched piece with the saying: The two greatest gives we can give our children; one is roots and the other is wings. Somehow this gift got lost in the shuffle of life and moving from one place to another, but I always remembered the sentiment. Recently I put together a 3-volume set of memory books for our son, and I was reminded of the ongoing combination of what it means to give our children roots and wings. These two concepts seemed to intersect-for our family-at our son's college graduation: our presence and the graduation represented ROOTS and that he was even walking across the stage to receive his college diploma represented WINGS. This simple journal page captures the essence of our joy and reminds me of the significance of the gifts of ROOTS and WINGS.
Oil pastel with a stencil. (This will take a LONG time to dry!)