With This Ring I Thee Wed Anniversary Mixed Media Collage

While I was on R&R for our 35th wedding anniversary I created several art journal entries of memories based upon (re)reading the love letters of our first year of dating/courting while we lived 1,200 miles apart (Memphis to NYC). As I re-read the letters, I more-or-less collated them on my journal pages based upon common (topic) theme. This page gradually evolved as bits and pieces related to preparation for the wedding itself. It includes snippets of letters from my (than) finance as well as from my mother as the wedding plans evolved. The letters became the background to the page, and the words and art were inspired/added based upon the letters. Overall, the theme is preparation for the wedding day...35 years ago.
A fun technique is to outline simple shapes with white glue (AKA Elmer's Glue) and let it harden overnight. I used this technique to outline the wedding cake which I had originally planned to tear off the page of a novel that was sitting in the "re-circulation" basket at the pool. I'd begun working on this journal page when I saw the cover art of this book. At first I thought, "decoupage" and then I decided to imitate the concept by drawing an outline of the cake with glue. I repeated the same concept with the interlocking wedding rings. I like to title the page with something bold that says what I've been "hearing" during the art and reflecting. I used simple two layers of stacked journaling to write "And the two shall become one," and then "With this ring I thee wed." The stamped imprint of "friend" on the lower right portion of the page captures the essence of the relationship and the reason for the wedding ceremony.
It takes over-night for the white glue to dry.

The double-rings are emphasized by the 3-D from the white clue over the marker.

White glue adds a very cool 3-D effect/

The novel cover artwork on the left inspired my "white glue" 3-D art on the right.