Prepping a NEW Mini Travel Journal for 2015

I carry a mini travel journey with me wherever I go; it is always handy for note taking or zen-doodling. One of the (ongoing) confusing points is going back and finding whatever I had jotted down as an important note AND/OR looking for a art design that I had doodled while killing time between appointments. I finally figured out that it might be helpful to create a designated way to separate the significant notes and reminders from the not-so-significant artsy doodling. In preparing my pocket journal for 2015 I have designated the front half for zen-doodling and the back half for recording profound "notes to myself." I labeled the "front" of each section on the outside cover of the journal-with the intention to flip the book to "right side up" whether it is the front or the (back) of the same journal. Wherever the two themes meet in the middle...they meet! I'm taking advantage of the slow time between Christmas and New Year's to diddle-daddle with background prep so that there are multiple pages primed and ready for art or note-taking once the New Year revs up.