Risking Taking One More (Art) Step

It's always risky to take one more step with an art reflection that already "looks done." But sometimes there's just a sense that something is missing; that the story needs one more piece added to complete the telling. One of the reasons I take pix along the art reflection journey is so I have a photographic record to use as needed. An equally important reason is to show myself the evolution of the art/reflection journey. I can see where I stopped too soon or when, perhaps, I went one step too far. Of course the "right" stopping point is totally subjective! I think it's better to take the risk and do one more step rather then to do fear-based art and stop too soon. (Hmmmmm...perhaps there's a direct parallel here to living life risks and all or stopping short and playing it safe?!)

I thought I was done with this final/fourth step, but it looked a bit empty. I like to end with a strong/bold symbol or two that finishes the reflection with a flourish. I added a two-color heart stamp (I wish I'd chosen a darker shade of purple) and pinched butterflies. The two together signify mother-son, and the single butterfly the independence of the son flying free as he grows into who he is. 

Looking at these symbols I'm mindful of an embroidered wall hanging my sister gave me when our son was born: The two greatest gifts we give our children-one is roots and the other is wings.