Crowns of Joy!

I've used this simple art project is every possible context: when I'm working with children and I have the opportunity to do it...I do it! Here I tied in the theme of King (Baby) Jesus and a "Christmas VBS" for immigrant mothers and children. I had volunteers prep cutting out the crowns from sheets of white poster board so they were cut and ready for the 300+ participants. It saves time and paper to cut "two for one" by centering the crown to trace in the middle of a 7-8" wide strip of poster board. If you make one continuous cut down the length of the board as you cut out the crown, then each side of the cut can be used to make crown, one side is the "shadow" shape of the original, but it works just as well as the original shape. (And yes, the crown is from Burger King!)

It is an easy project to do without a lot of production (or than having the crowns pre-cut), and the work can be done at a table or on the floor. The materials list is simple: crayons, watercolors, brushes. We used every possible table and then the overflow sat on the floor or on the bleachers. I only regret that I cannot show you any pictures of their sweet faces. They truly loved wearing their completed creations!