Reflections on Courage

Mixed media art reflection based upon Isaiah 43: 5-7.
First: Write your story of courage. Think back to when you first began to think about making the journey to the USA. Make a list of your acts of courage before you left, as you began the trip, and during the journey. Next, write a prayer for today, tomorrow and the coming weeks, months, and years.

Second: Go to the art supply table and choose a favorite color of acrylic paint and a stencil shape. Put a little bit of acrylic paint on one edge of your paper. Take a stencil and return to your table. Use a small piece of cardboard and scrape the paint across the page. Quickly place the stencil on top of the scraped paint and rub off the paint through the stencil using a baby wipe. Repeat with a second color and a different stencil.  Clean the stencils with a baby wipe.  Glue the Bible verse into your art.

Third: Use a crayon or oil pastel and draw a large, simple shape over the background (tree, flower, stem with leaves, butterfly, cross). Paint inside the shapes. Add cut shapes and/or stamped images of symbols that help you to have courage. Outline the shape with puffy paint. Use a crayon or dark colored pen to write words of hope and courage for yourself and for your children. How is God present? How does God give you hope? How does God give you courage during your journey? Write your name and today’s date.