Never a Dull Moment

 I like to begin artsy theology in an altered book by using the exposed words of a phrase, sentence, or series of words from the text (below) which becomes the catalyst for the art and reflection. "Following Jesus never entailed being promised a rose garden" could easily foster negative discourse, so I took these words as a challenge to express the phrase in a positive way.
 To begin, I identified the words to leave exposed and covered the rest of the page with layers of white gesso, mustard yellow acrylic glaze and purple acrylic paint thinned with artist medium (allow to dry between layers or force dry with a hairdryer). I used a dry brush to "scrape" the acrylic across the gesso. The first thought is that in the faith journey there is "never a dull MOMENT" and this expresses itself particularly in faith community by agreeing to disagree on all but JESUS. I used two sizes of lettering stencils and a purple Prismacolor brush tip marker. Next I added key issues that continue to challenge my congregation to "agree to disagree" in all but Jesus and wrote those wit the same brush marker. The counterpoint are three theological themes which are integral to the congregation's ongoing conversation: GRACE, GRATITUDE, and MISSIO DEI (mission of God). I used a stencil to make the three overlapping circles (Trinity) with Jesus again being the common denominator (center).


The abstract circles are a combination of two "mental images"--one of an abstract piece of art that was created entirely with small overlapping circles in a variety of colors and the second a group photograph from our recent all church retreat where we had a joyous weekend of community building, fellowship, and worship. The overlapping circles represent the people whose lives we have touched/are touching with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These circles/people cover up the issues that we have agreed to disagree on so that we may come together and worship Jesus. Hence, the cross in the center of the gathering of "people" keeps our focus on Jesus. Meanwhile, there is never a dull MOMENT! Thanks be to GOD.