Treasure Boxes

Treasure Boxes made by children during a summer Vacation Bible School

Treasures inside the box represent interests & "gifts."
Make a "Treasure Box" out of a cigar box. Cover the box with spray paint or gesso and then decorate with stickers. The idea is that the outside of the box represents the public person that the world sees and the treasures you put inside represent the real you that God created. The project is easily done for VBS by having the kids gradually add stickers to the outside of the box--a few stickers each day. The inside of the box holds treasures from home plus the other projects they create during VBS. A more advanced version can be done with older children whereby there is more thought put into the external person we show the world over against the real "us" God created with wonderful gifts. The idea being to help the participants identify the gifts that they might not be using to the fullest.