Still Waters

The catalyst for this reflection is a combination of exposed words from a previously prepared background ["The obvious quite often is ignored."] combined the familiar words from Psalm 23: "...he leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul." I was struck by the simplicity of resting beside quiet waters and having one's soul restored...which is quite obvious and is often ignored. The net result of noting the obvious-and acting upon it (i.e. resting beside still waters) is PEACE.
Background is white gesso in an altered book with one sentence left exposed plus part of the floral picture.

Spritz fabric spray paints over fabric stencils; carefully remove stencils and allow to dry.

 Close-up detail.

 Use various colors and overlap stamping.

 Stacked journaling with colored pencils: stating the obvious for "you" that has been ignored.
Lettering done with dimensional fabric paint.