The Harvest Is Plentiful

I covered two pages with layers of white gesso and acrylic glaze and left the scripture verse exposed. I chose three theological symbols to illustrate the verse: the flowers represent the beauty of the harvest that is plentiful; the single cross symbolizes the centrality of the cross to our response of faith; and the butterfly symbolizes being a new creation in Christ Jesus which, of course, is the catalyst to become laborers  to help with the harvest.
Fabric stamps are a great way to illustrate theological symbols. These stamps are larger than traditional stamps for scrap booking; they can be used in bold colors to stand alone or in lighter shades to create a background layer. I bought these at Hobby Lobby and I used regular ink pads in three light colors for the flowers; the multi-colored pad for the butterfly, and silver for the cross.

Additional layers include the theme of "new creation" in stamped lettering (also fabric stamps) plus hand lettering with pilot markers to emphasize the exposed verse. I added the light turquoise flowers last to complement the "ask for more laborers" lettering. While I was working on the artsy theology I was reflecting on the particulars ways I participate in the harvest and also how I might (creatively) ask for more laborers.
I made one last pass with the small flower stamp and added purple to accent the lettering on "The harvest is plentiful." The wonderful thing about artsy theology journal pages is you can keep adding bits here and there. (Worst case if you feel like you "ruin it" then you can cover the whole thing over with white or black gesso and call it a "DO-OVER" and paint the pages all over again from scratch!