Honoring Past Art

When I relocated from my combo art corner/office I uncovered a stack of art I had made circa 2002 when I had been in transition from portrait photographer to mixed media artist. I was (and am) fascinated with the image transfer (to 12"x12" and larger granite tile) mixed media.
Many in the pile are finished, but several had been completed in anticipation of a scheduled art show. I wasn't sure what I would, could, or should do when these recently rediscovered art pieces. They are heavy and somewhat unworldly because of the granite. When a friend gave me a china hutch type unit it was the perfect solution and a way to honor the art and travel memorabilia from my "past life" before my academic & ministry vocation. My old art now has a pretty home and it also continues to inspire me with mixed media art options...now in my artsy theology journal instead of framed pieces & art shows.