Purple Water Lily Mono Print Variations

First run/original pulled imaged.

I used the photograph of the water lily as my guide print for a mono print. In the spirit of total art experimentation, I pushed the art envelope to see how many variations I could create from just one Gelli Art mono print "original" painting. I came up with the following five options from just one round of "first run" painting on the plate:

  1. Original printed onto prepared background.
  2. Ghost of original printed onto a second prepared background.
  3. White acrylic brayered over leftover paint after previous two prints had been pulled; use fresh paper which doesn't have any previous printing.
  4. Heavy spritzing of water onto leftover from above; enough so paint runs; press using fresh paper.
  5. Final print on fresh paper to soak up the remainder of the watered down acrylic. You could press using fresh paper or add this as another layer to a previously printed sheet.
"Ghost" image with 2nd pressing of subject onto prepared background.
Third print: white acrylic over leftover paint; pulled on fresh sheet.

Fourth print onto heavily spritzed with water gel plate.

Fifth print with the leftover watered down acrylic.