Someday: Art Journaling to Synthesize Learning

When I took a six-hour workshop on generations theory related to my vocation as a pastor, the presenter said he'd shoot out information like a fire hose. That's exactly what happened. I created this journal entry as my synthesis of what I'd learned and what I ultimately will share with my congregation. The journaling process will be my visual sermon and ongoing reference tool.
I chose a previously prepared page of greens and blues one white gesso with a single tree steps on the middle right which symbolizes creation and the tree of life. The trees across the bottom symbolizes creation on general. Collectively the represent the generosity of God from the beginning of time. Next I added four crosses, one for each of the four phases of (financial) life in middle class America and the excuses given why not to be generous givers. Of course the crosses also symbolize the ultimate generosity of God in Jesus Christ. I wrote the life category on each cross and the excuses given in each life phase around the cross. This contraats our lack of generosity against the abundant generosity of God. 
It occurred to me during the art reflection that most middle class people earn considerably more at the first three life phase and even at retirement have much more net income than during the first two phases. The gold acrylic bottom right represents that income increase. 
I added bold type details of what I wanted to remember for future teaching and preaching.