NEW Art Room Move-In Day

Two easels: one for sitting; one for standing.
I've been (re)inspired to create a beautiful space of my own after (re)reading an old favorite A Room of Her Own while using it as the basis for my current altered book journal. When I first read this book 15 years ago it inspired me to create a SALES ROOM of my own; a space and place that suited my style which showcased my hand colored black and white portraits when I was a mixed media artist and photographer on Cape Cod. I did the actual artwork beneath the sales room (downstairs in the basement) and the pretty space reflected my tastes but it was really designed for my clients and not for me. This time around, A Room of Her Own has been for my personal working/creative space. Today is move-in-day! Out from my "old" art room which had been shared space in our "front bedroom" which has been used as my writing space and my pastoral/church office. The art has overflowed into the writing and pastor space for a long time, and the church stuff has overflowed into virtually every other room in our house. The new art space is "just art" and has opened up the pastor/writing space for "just" writing and church work. The bonus of the new art space is that we have reclaimed the rest of our house to be "just us" (except the one front bedroom which is now the only designated space for church stuff). Super JOY!

Huge work table/counter with four chairs for guests.
Used stencil hangs on storage unit.

View from the back to the front.
Shelves with tubs labeled and a sink with hot & cold water for washing up.

Everything is labeled.
Pegboard for storage. 
Covered entry with security lights for evening art sessions.

Ready to begin...this is the neatest this room will ever look! 
Color wheel of sunflowers stenciled on the L & R walls.

My old space now ready to store church (art) supplies.