Dance of Freedom

There are multiple layers in this jounal entry which expresses my prayer for women & children who are incarcerated in a nearby family detention center. I started the art journal after spending a day inside Karnes City Detention Center where 500 immigrant women & children are being held. The first layers are unrecognizable in the final piece, but the first layers provided important reflection time to help me to process the experience.
I used a stencil of the USA and spritzed with watercolors. It symbolizes the diverse locations across the USA where the women have family and hope to go. 
The mixed media includes several layers. 
I had been stuck on how to finalize the reflection until I saw this page in one of my stacks of art books. The imagery of women dancing captured the essence of my prayer for the women at Karnes. I chose a piece of art paper from my stash and cut free-hand the shapes of the women dancing. I may add something more. But for now it is mostly done.