Watermark Resist (Stamping) Mixed Media Art

I was intrigued when I saw the technique to use watermark resist (project by Rangerink.com) to make "resists" using stamped images on paper. The trick is that the paper must have a shiny surface in order for the technique to work properly. Otherwise, you can use any type of foam or rubber stamp and a variety of dye type inks. We experimented with the technique as part of a "team night" while on a mission trip in Mexico. I brought basic supplies which included one watermark resist stamp pad, several small stamps, and mini ink pads to be used for the dye after the watermark stamp had been allowed to dry overnight. The only shiny paper I had on hand was a stack of tags which are generally used literally for pricing and tagging items. We used these tags as the basis for our experimenting.

First, stamp the plain shiny paper with a watermark resist. The samples here show multiple stamps of the same image on one small tag. Allow to dry overnight. Then use a cotton ball or tissue to apply ink; gently rub off. Add additional stamps of colored ink on top if desired. Mix colors of ink as desired. Add elements of collage (like washi tape) as desired. Experiment. Do whatever you like for no particular reason!

I made one tag for each day on the mission trip. I'm not sure exactly how I will continue with them, but they are in my journal.